Atmel Studio 7 -> Opening File -> not enough arguments for format string

Hopefully someone has some experience and can help:

Yesterday i installed Atmel Studio 7 and since then i have a Problem when i try to open an existing Arduino Sketch in Atmel Studio 7. I get always the error "not enough arguments for format string".

I can`t find any information about this at the net / Atmel Website.

i deinstalled Arduine IDE 1.6.9, installed official tested older IDE`s, did reinstall Atmel Studio 7, did delete preferences.txt (arduino IDE) --> always the same.

Suggestions please in english or german :wink:

Can be closed!

Since Version 7.0.1006 everything works fine!

(was a problem in older Version)

  • works without any problems while Visual Studio 2015 is installed, too