Atmel Studio and Arduino IDE at the same time


Is there any problem with having Atmel Studio and Arduino IDE installed at the same time? I'm also using the AVR mkii ISP. The Atmel Studio is version 7.0.790 and the Arduino IDE is 1.6.8.

When I try to update the UNO using the Arduino IDE I get this error:

avrdude usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device

Before I try to figure out the problem I'm hoping someone can confirm that both can be installed/used at the same time or if there is something I need to do specifically to allow this mode.


Arduino IDE is completely stand alone so I don’t expect any problems.

What do you have selected as target?

Did you select Uno in the menu?

Did you select the right com port?

Do you use upload (not upload using programmer)?

Installed at the same time: OK Running at the same time: NOT ok

Besides the comments from septillion, make sure no other windows program is using the desired COM port at the time. A COM port cannot be used simultaneously by 2+ programs. Therefore, if any program has a lock on the COM port, the Arduino IDE won't be able to even find it.

AlxDroidDev: simultaneously by more 2+ programs.

You mean more then 1, not more then 2 ;)

septillion: You mean more then 1, not more then 2 ;)

that's right. Corrected.