Atmel Studio and Syntax Highlighting

I'm using Atmel Studio for Compiling sketches. Since I rebooted my machine, the syntax highlighting has disappeared on the file in the editor. I deleted my project and created a new Arduino project from my .ino sketch file but this didn't solve the problem.
I don't know whether this is an issue with Atmel Studio or the Visual Assist plugin. The colouring only seems to be partly working. When I click on an item, it is coloured and all instances of the item are coloured. However variables, keywords, control structures etc are just black on white.
Anyone else had this problem?

I have the same issue!

Your problem(s) have nothing to do with the Arduino. Atmel Studio is NOT an Arduino product.

Try the Ford dealer for your Nissan questions.

Perhaps this might help:

Fixed: just execute the ArduinoForAtmelStudio.msi again and click on "repair", it takes about 30 seconds and syntax highlighting works again :slight_smile: