Atmel Studio - Breakpoint Debug an Arduino Due using a USB cable

Sorry there is no sound and poor quality for this initial video, better one to follow - Arduino Due TracePoint on YouTube

This is a quick glimpse of the click and go Arduino compatible debugger (software interface via usb) working in Atmel Studio with an Arduino Due.

Longer overview with sound and better quality

In the video we can see the difference in speed between first time and secondary compilations. Secondary compilations are fast and will soon become much faster. Fast compilation allows for more frequent testing of modified code.

The video demonstrates a small number of the many features available with the usb debugger such as altering the value of a variable on a running Arduino without need for re-compilation. ie: The facility to experiment with different values without need for re-compile ensures projects or prototypes can be delivered in a much reduced time frame.

The Arduino Due support is beta and requires version 1305.21 of the Visual Micro plugin. Supports Visual Studio Pro and Atmel Studio.

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Very nice!

Just got my Due and currently trying to find out how to break it ]:)

Great, well I am sure it is difficult to break the Due but the debugger will break easily at the moment. The debugger works well enough with avr but needs some tweaking for sam data types if updating values back to the mcu. Notice in the video I only updated the value of a long, not an int. When I tried an int it failed.

I expect to have a final release in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the feed back.