Atmel studio

I am working on a school project using a few Atmel ICs, which some of can't be natively programmed by Arduino IDE (ATtinys).
So I tried to use Atmel studio. I filled their download form (I wrote 'none' to the company field) and the page said it would send me an e-mail in 30 minutes(Or something like that). It was not there even on the next day. So about a month later I checked my mailbox and guess what :0 Atmel started sending me their newsletter, which I immidiately unregistered from.

Maybe you need to be an employee of some company to even use it? If so I'm going to replace any Atmel chips on my designs because a company with such a large hobbyist community should not have that requirement on their software (Plus I'm 14 and can't even work for a company).
Or maybe it's not supported in my region (Estonia, it is one of the Baltic states next to Finland).

Anyway if I can't get my hands on that software I'm going to have to re-design all my PCBs and learn some other platform (which is a kind of a crappy choice because I have only a few months left) and I'm probably not going to use those ATtiny cores for Arduino IDE.

So what should I do next?


Is that really important? Some ATtiny 20s and 45s.


Yeah, you probably needed to check your spam filter. I ran into this issue with both Atmel and MATLAB. I'm sure if you talked to Atmel they would apologize profusely, as I've done a lot of work with them for Work outside of Arduino stuff, and they are generally super helpful (And we are not ordering even hundreds of chips from them). They also are now also aiming for the hobbyist market.

Though if you felt it necessary, I think TI has similarly good support. My experience with Renesas has been terrible but from a support and their development environment is both not free and bad.

I didn't find it in the spam folder. I don't know why the newsletter arrived but the download link didn't. I tried again, but made a gmail account (before I used an account at my ISP's e-mail service) and it arrived instantly 8). It was probably some kind of problem with the service provider.

Thanks to all of you for help.