Does anyone tried to program those chips on a breadboard with an arduino code?

Here is what I did:

  • I bootloaded this chip like I did with an atmel8. everything was ok.
    -I replaced this chip with an atmel8 on the breadboard which I made sure was working fine. (I tried and programmed the atmel8 without changing it with atmel168) .

  • I compiled the same program, change the settings in the arduino>tools> microcontroller(MCU)>from atmel8 to atmel168, tried to upload it to the chip, I got a programmer is not responding error.

  • I changed the setting to atmel168 to atmel8 in the tools>microcontroller(MCU)>atmel8. I tried to program it again, it didn’t work.

I changed my clock on the circuit from 16mhz to 20 mhz to see if that was the problem. it didn’t work.

do you guys any recommendation for me?
thanks alot.

See this thread: