Atmel328 vs. 328P Bootloader issue

Many versions ago, if you ran across a 328 instead of a 328P, and you needed to burn a bootloader on it, you could change the signature in the avrdude.conf from 0x0F to 0x14 temporarily to get a bootloader on it. After that, it programmed like a standard Duemilanove 328 (328P).

I have not done this in recent versions, and I was sent a custom board that has a 328 (not P) soldered in, with no bootloader. The old trick does not seem to work, as there are sections already there for 328 and 328P, but picking Duemilanove from the menu seems to prefer the 328P signature. This board is using a 16MHz crystal.

How can I get a bootloader onto this chip? I'm using a 328P Duemilanove as my ISP.

Create a new board definition in boards.txt (copy the Uno entry, but specify the m328 instead of m328p for the mcu).

Remove the section defining the 328 from the avrdude config, and then modify the 328p entry as you did previously.