ATMSAMD21 is hot?!

Hello, I bought an Arduino MKR WIFI1010 and it worked fine when I connected it to the computer but when I connected to a power source the ATMSAMD21 gets hot, I disconnected as fast as I can and when I connected it to the computer again it didn’t recognize the Arduino and the charge led is on, This has any solution?

Electricity moves very close to the speed of light and the structures in modern semiconductors are very small and fragile. I am afraid you had no chance.
The same is true for repair. Without some good equipment its is hard to find the damaged components and replace them. Your best option is to get a new board and be more careful next time.
If you have not destroyed any electronics during your experiments you have not tried enough cool things. :slight_smile:

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It is a 5V board. I’ll take a SWAG It sounds like you connected it to either a higher voltage or reverse polarity. Always double check wiring especially power and ground. It is probably now a paper weight.

Hmm I connected it to 9V because I’m working with a DC motor, when I connected it to a H bridge it function very well, it didn’t getting hot, but didn’t function by Arduino IoT cluod either so, I disconnected to try another wiring (same voltage) and that’s the part when got hot (Connected in Vin), I bought other board try other wiring and got hot again(Connected in Vcc)…
I’m going to try with 5V this time, Have I to connect it in Vcc or Vin? What you recommend me, use the H bridge or not?

Gosh, it’s the second board destroyed :cold_sweat: and thaks

For what it’s worth I destroyed a Nano Every today, they really don’t like 12V into the serial port. However, I know what my silly mistake was, if you have destroyed 2 boards you need to know what you are doing wrong. If you don’t know then post some accurate information such as photos and a schematic showing how you connected things, then maybe one of us can tell you.

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