Atomatically selecting board and options !!

Hi Ide developers.

I find myself working on several different boards at a time. When changing from one to another I sometimes forget to change the board type or clock speed option etc for that particular project.

Would it be possible to have a define with the options in the code. That way when the code was assembled it would automagically :slight_smile: select the correct processor/clock speed for that board.

Something like :

#define Arduino pro mini 8MHz
or in a more extreme case
#define Arduino ESP8266 Flash Size 4M(1M Spiffs) Reset Method nodecdu

Alternately could a piece of code with the ide options be appended to the source code when saved and the board options selected when code loaded.

Best Regards


It's been requested already many many times over the years and there seems no move to make it happen. However, there is something of the sort in the Arduino Web Editor:

@picklock, On your quest for multi preference options.

I wrote a simple windows exe that maintains a list of preference files.
I just select the correct file if I’ve changed processor before starting Arduino.

If this is something that is desired I can tidy it up a little and make available.

It is actually part of a little collection of things I wrote,
including a mini webserver for doing http updates and file uploads,
serial tools,
Websocket Client,
Compiled file version stamping,
global Debug flag editor,
auto updating of Spliff content.!
I also use it to push and pull settings into the Eeprom.

No, it does not Serial program the devices,
I have not used serial programming for ages as most of my stuff will update via Wifi,
unless I break it.!!.
Thus, I never bothered to read the spec on Flashing via serial.

Very happy to share the exe
Even happier if some of the functions were pinched and rolled into the IDE.
it is auto-updating so any changes I make are easy to reflect without having to search around.

Just remember I wrote it for ME,
so if it does not do what YOU want it to do, then that’s because I did not know.
Happy to make changes for the better.

if you ask nice the VB6 Source could be available once I sanitize it.
But you should have a good story to tell.


Can't be wanted if nobody asks I guess.
glad I never bothered to tidy it up.