ATSam3X8E Custom Board Development

Hey everyone,

I’m an R&D engineer who’s looking to move a product from R&D to production, and I have a range of experience in developing embedded systems on 8 and 16-bit micro-controllers. Having said that, I am a fairly new convert to the ARM world, and have been developing on the Due primarily “due” to the fact that it comes with 2 integrated CAN controllers. Unfortunately, my experience with ARM processors thus far has been exclusively limited to R&D and the use of development boards such as TI’s Launchpad. I’m looking for any resources, outside of the open source board files for the Arduino Due, for help developing a custom PCB for Sam3X8E. If anyone has worked on a similar project in the past, I’d love to hear from you! To those who help out, thanks in advance for your time.

The DUE Core is a 100% DUE compatible board with all pins broken out. Maybe you can contact Inhaos or copperhiltech for more informations: