Attaching a gear motor to a hook

I'm trying to make an automatic blinds opener, and I'm having trouble connecting my motor to the hook that usually hooks on to the handle that rotates to open the blinds. I can post pictures of what I'm working with later, but has anyone attempted to attach a motor to a hook? Is there a standard part for that?

I assume your motor has a plain output shaft, and you have got some sort of hook which also has a plain shaft of similar diameter.

What sort of torque do you need to transmit? If it's not very much, you could get away with some vacuum hose or similar thick-wall hose that is a push fit over both shafts. If it needs more torque than that can cope with, I'd look for a sleeve that fits over both shafts and secure it on both sides with a grub screw. If you want something you can buy off the shelf, I suspect you'll find couplers like this used a lot by hobbyists making robots and so on so have a look for sites selling model motors and gearboxes. If you can't find anything suitable then get any gear or pulley that fits that motor and epoxy the hook onto the end of it.