Attaching cable to glowplug instead of ignitor? (RC Car)

As I´m going to convert my nitro engine to an electric starter I need to be able to control when the glowplug ignites. Does anyone know how this could be done?

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Anyone tried this?

The glow plug (used for starting only) is, as I recall from my 6th grade modelling days, (65 years ago) is 1.5 to 2.0V at ?? What, 3 amps or so, right? SO you COULD probably control it with a good power N-FET if you have a source for the 1.5..2.0V, maybe a couple AA batteries in parallel?

OH: Update, maybe you can PWM the FET and run it off a 5 or 6V or 8.4V battery??

Can you handle the weight for that??

Oh, BTW is that an aircraft or an (Intentional?) ground vehicle?? :slight_smile:

The simplest method is to attach a microswitch to the throttle linkage , such that at tickover the plug is powered . Just connect a single nicad cell.

The plug is then ready for a restart .

Gives a more reliable tickover as a bonus .

Oh terry. What do you mean with PMW the FET?

What do you mean with PMW the FET?

Oh you know, we Nerds need to throw words around like we KNOW something... :slight_smile:

Pulse Width Modulation turns a circuit on and off rapidly and can change the percentage of time it is on.

So if you want to run that ~ 2 volt Glowplug from a 7.4V battery, for example, you could use a power Field Effect Transistor in the circuit to turn it on for only a portion of some very fast cycles. The "Duty Cycle" would be approximately 2/7.4 = 27% in that case.

Even better, you can also turn it off, since usually a glow plug is electrically heated only for starting the motor.