Attaching sensors

This is my first post I'm sure I'll do something wrong, but I have a question.

Can I attach a car's O2 sensor to arduino and fluctuate a hydrogen fuel cells output with the readings?
Of course I'll make a preset scale to what the output should be and all.

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Technically it might be possible, depends on the interfaces of the sensor and fuel cell.
We need a lot more information about the hardware to give a meaningful advise.

Can you post (links to) the datasheets/specification?

That said, safety warning!
Besides if it is possible there is always a risk working with H2 as it can implode/explode.

Well I would use a dry cell such as this

And I would like to vary the ouput to the fuel cell by an integer of the O2 sensor.
Such as this:

So that at say 24 volt 9amps the cell is gnerating 2 liters of hho per minute, I could have it turned down if there wasn't enough oxygen being passed through the engine (say at idle)