Attaching the pins

Hi guys, i have a lili pad arduino and the 6 pins and the main board are not already connected.

I was wondering i f you could tell me how i can connect he pins to the main board to i can connect it to my computer and start programming!

cheers x

This board?

It is intended that an FTDI Basic slide onto the right angle male pins:

Are you saying you don't have the right angle pins? Solder some in. Or you can try holding them an angle, keep the pressure on while downloading to make good contact.

yes thats the one mate!

There is no where to connect the pins, no holes or anything. The areas where the pins go are just flat surfaces with no hole to fit the pins.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 18.27.25.png

Yes they are surface-mount pads - you tin one pad only, then tack-solder the connector at just that pin, finally solder the other pins. Try to get the flat edges of the pins nice and snug against the board surface for maximum strength.

The connector you are holding does not appear to have the same spacing as the pads. Might have to solder wires to the connector, then solder the wires to the pads. Will that connector mate with the FTDI Basic?

oh thank you!

What do you mean by ‘you tin one pad only, then tack-solder the connector at just that pin’?

sorry im new to arduino! Thank you for your help

The pins and the pads have exactly the same spacing mate!

Ok on spacing, might be the angle/view of the camera.

Solder one pin to one pad to help hold it in place, solder the others, touch up the first one if needed.