I've been trying to find a good description of what the first parameter in the attachInterrupt function is...can anyone help?

I've also seached these forums for information and found a confusing topic that throughout the code mentions two interrupts attached to pins 2 and 3 but I couldn't see anywhere in the source that defined this relationship.

I would like to use an interrupt on the rising edge of a push button.

Thank you

Interrupt zero is on pin 2, interrupt one is on pin 3

From the source (../hardware/arduino/core/arduino/WInterrupts.cpp)

void attachInterrupt(uint8_t interruptNum, void (*userFunc)(void), int mode) {

The interruptNum is 0 or 1 for standard Arduino (can go up to 5 on the Mega) and corresponds to INT0 and INT1 pins (which are same as digital pins 2 and 3 on the standard Arduino)

If you have a question like this remember you have all the source code, you can just have a look to see ;)

Ty, didn't realise I did, next time I will look, thanks again!