Attempting Pan Tilt

I'm new to Arduino and I'm using a mac.

I'm trying to load this code onto the arduino...

but I get this

/tmp/build48857.tmp/core.a(wiring_serial.c.o): In function `__vector_18':

/Applications/arduino-0015/hardware/cores/arduino/wiring_serial.c:112: multiple definition of `__vector_18'

/tmp/build48857.tmp/core.a(HardwareSerial.cpp.o):/Applications/arduino-0015/hardware/cores/arduino/HardwareSerial.cpp:95: first defined here

Couldn't determine program size: hardware/tools/avr/bin/avr-size: '/tmp/build48857.tmp/PanTilt.hex': No such file

I don't know what this means. I'm running Arduino 15.

Hi mate,

Did you manually install the wiring + pan and tilt library?

Can you dump the entire code please.

Okay ignore me,

looks like a simple incompatibility on setup().

Change beginSerial to Serial.begin(19200);