attin85 and RF transmitter/receiver PINS


I have seen on some forums people using attiny85 and pins PB3(2) and PB4(3) for TX and RX because they say those are the TX and RX pins for attiny85.

Wouldn't "any" pin work (apart from vcc,gnd,reset) work for both TX and RX?

Waiting to receive my components to test them but it will take few months i guess due to covid19.

Your inputs are very much appreciated


The only core that I have experience with is the ATTiny core by SpenceKonde. That core uses Serial on pins 0 and 1. I suppose the you could use SoftwareSerial on any pins, but I have not done so, so cannot be sure.

From the ATTiny core documentation:

On the following chips, no hardware serial is available, however, a built-in software serial named Serial is provided to maximize compatibility. This uses the analog comparator pins (to take advantage of the interrupt, since very few sketches/libraries use it, while lots of sketches/libraries use PCINTs). TX is AIN0, RX is AIN1 - This is a software implementation - as such, you cannot receive and send at the same time. If you try, you'll get gibberish, just like using SoftwareSerial.

    ATtiny x5 (25/45/85)

I do not know how other cores handle serial.