AtTiny 2313 and Mini USB/Serial Adapter

Simple question, that I can't find aswer.

Is it possible to upload sketch on AtTiny 2313 with Mini USB/Serial Adapter , once it has bootloader ?

Possibly. The hard part is finding a bootloader.

The smallest STK500 bootloader is 512 bytes which leaves just 1.5K for your code.

As far as I can tell, the t2313 does not have "bootloader" lock bits. To manage the RESET vector you will have to do something similar to what Tom Carpenter did with his version...,116526.0.html

So far I kinda followed this :

So far I kinda followed this :

That tut decribes how to program the Attiny2313 with an Arduino.

The "Burn Bootloader" mentioned is only for setting the fuses, no actual bootloader is written to the Tiny.

So you cannot use an USB/serial converter to upload sketches. You have to use a programmer (USBasp, USBtiny, Arduino as ISP and so on.

Edit: This seems to be an understandable misunderstanding, so I have made a note about in the tut