Attiny 84 and HC-05

Hi, thank you all in advance.

I'm doing a project where I make a RC Car, i'm using an Attiny85 for the movement control, but, the remote control is an app from my android cellphone (conecting the attiny and the arduino via bluetooth with a HC-05).

It was trick, but I did manage to do it, several times. I had to pause a little my project and now that I try again, it's just not working. I'm using the same program, I'm using the same attiny (and have also tried with a different one), the only thing diferent is that my HC-05 is new.

Can anyone have any idea why it won't work now?

What core are you using? I recommend my ATTinyCore (board manager URL in sig) not the damellis one.

Post your code.

Without knowing the core you're using and seeing your code, we can't really speculate on what's going on.

Also, do you still have the old HC-05? Does it still work?

Are you sure it's wired correctly? Post schematic for good measure.

ATtiny84 or 85? Subject says one, the post body the other.

And I suggest you post a lot more information on your project. Best guess based on the extremely limited information is a poor connection. Or empty batteries.