Attiny 84 over I2C LCD

Hello everybody,

I wan´t control an 16x2 LCD with an attiny 84 and PCF8574T.

I have tried many of CrystalLCD-libaries and wire libaries (tinyWireM, tinyWireS), but it don't works.

The only helpful page:

But i can't find the TinyWireM from "scenelight" to finish the instruction.

I hope somebody can help me or tell me the right way!?


Please describe in more detail what you're trying to achieve. Some links to the LCD you're trying to attach may also help.

If you want to control the LCD by the ATtiny84 I don't see the need for the PCF8574T. If you want to provide the LCD by I2C using the ATtiny84, this project may help you.