Attiny 85 RF

Hello,guys can you tell me how to run virtualWire under attiny85 ?
I am using this RF :

Tinywire ?

Is there something else I can use ?,63755.0.html

Well I tried this manchested library, but I always get this error when I try to upload the code in attiny85 :

#include "MANCHESTER.h"

#define TxPin 1  //the digital pin to use to transmit data

unsigned int Tdata = 32;  //the 16 bits to send

void setup() 
MANCHESTER.SetTxPin(TxPin);      // sets the digital pin as output default 4
}//end of setup

void loop() 
 //Tdata +=1;
}//end of loop
D:\arduino-0022\libraries\MANCHESTER\MANCHESTER.cpp: In constructor 'MANCHESTERClass::MANCHESTERClass()':
D:\arduino-0022\libraries\MANCHESTER\MANCHESTER.cpp:42: error: 'TCCR2A' was not declared in this scope
D:\arduino-0022\libraries\MANCHESTER\MANCHESTER.cpp:43: error: 'TCCR2B' was not declared in this scope
D:\arduino-0022\libraries\MANCHESTER\MANCHESTER.cpp:44: error: 'TIMSK2' was not declared in this scope
D:\arduino-0022\libraries\MANCHESTER\MANCHESTER.cpp: In member function 'unsigned int MANCHESTERClass::Receive()':
D:\arduino-0022\libraries\MANCHESTER\MANCHESTER.cpp:85: error: 'TCNT2' was not declared in this scope
D:\arduino-0022\libraries\MANCHESTER\MANCHESTER.cpp:126: error: 'TCNT2' was not declared in this scope

The TX part of the example is meant to be used with a 328 processor and the RX part on a attiny85. What you are trying is to use 328 code on a Attiny85 (the tny dos not have a Timer2)

Ok so then how to upload succesufully the code on attiny85 then ?

Someone ?

One reason for the lack of response is the inappropriate section you chose. Let’s try it here…

Ok,thank a lot , and sorry for my mistake

Nobody ... ?

I am using a different transmitter (433MHz from sparkfun) but I've had luck with the components listed below.

  • IDE 1.0.5
  • Virtual Wire 1.16
  • ATtiny Cores from here -rename text file to boards.txt
  • Load the bootloaded for 8MHz from the boards menu once the cores are installed in your sketch/hardware/attiny folder

Check out this link for help if you haven't seen it. I didn't have luck with their cores though.