attiny-core, ATtiny2313 and BroHogan's Wire library

Anyone interested in having it in good shape?

I started toying aroung with the attiny2313 a while ago. I run it on a breadboard using an Arduino UNO as an ISP and the arduino-tiny core so I can use the Arduino IDE. It works, but now I want more :slight_smile:

I miss the pletora of libraries available to stock Arduino processors but there’s something out there very interesting, BroHogan released a “I2C / TWI Master library for the ATtiny85”. It looks like it has been working mainly on ATtiny85 but some code refers to other processors as well, namely the attiny2313 too.

I wonder if someone already made it work with the attiny2313, and how. You see, I’m no coding expert at all, I’ll try and read BroHogan’s source code (maybe even adapt it to the attiny2313 if I find out how). In the meanwhile, any suggestion, hint or comment is welcome :slight_smile:

I know the ATtiny2313 is pretty old (and small) but it can come handy in certain simple scenarios, and I2C/Wire support can make the difference, since it can broaden quite quickly its usability.

What happens if you load up the I2C lib onto the 2313? Most likely, the lib configures the I2C pins to be on the USI ports, so maybe it will automatically find the USI pins on the 2313.