ATTiny Hardware file

I am attempting to come up to speed with the ATTiny, and I downloaded the ATTiny_Master folder from Github, changed the name to ATTiny, placed it in the Arduino/Hardware folder, but the new boards do not appear in the Boards list under Tools. The Hardware folder does contain other boards which show up, so the folder itself is not suspect. I am running Arduino 1.7.9. Does anybody know how to get these boards recognized in 1.7.9? Thanks in advance for any ideas.

1.7.9 is from the rogue Arduino people ( - there is currently an ongoing legal dispute between the real arduino and the people). Their version of the IDE has diverged - if you want help with their IDE, ask in their forums.

The official IDE is still in 1.6.x versions - 1.6.9 (not 1.6.10) is the version you want. With 1.6.9, you can install support for the ATTiny boards by simply adding the URL from my signature to the custom board URL section of preferences, and install the board via tools -> boards -> board manager. ATTinyCore/ at master · SpenceKonde/ATTinyCore · GitHub

Thank you DrAzzy,

I wasn't aware that there were bogus versions of the IDE out there. I backed up to 1.6.9, and all went well. One last question: the list of ATTiny's in the boards submenu shows ATtiny x5. I assume that refers to the 45/85?

Yeah, and the 25. I think in the next version I'll change it to like 25/45/85, since this seems to confuse some people.