ATTiny programming board

Does anyone know of a programming board for the 14-pin ATTiny84 chip? Similar to the Sparkfun product for the ATTiny85 (PGM11801)

Thanks - Richard

sorry, I cannot paste links at the moment but here are three on Tindy:

Thanks for the info AVR-FRED - JM is in Canada and while the product looks interesting the cost by the time it gets here (Birmingham, England) might make it worth getting the ATMel AVRISP locally!

However getting my brain into gear - (and being an electronics newbie) a penny (cent?) has just dropped - I can obtain the Sparkfun product and, for the odd one or two projects where the 14-pin microcontroller needs programming just plug it into a breadboard and cross-connect the VCC/GND/mosi etc pins across to it from the Sparkfun unit.

And if I do come up with more such projects maybe have a go at soldering a 6 pin header to the Sparkfun board (that's what the datasheet implies) and work things out from there.

One day maybe I'll know as much as some of you lot out there!

Thanks - Richard