ATtiny support on modified Adafruit programmer shield

I use a UNO as my AVR programmer and I use the Adafruit programmer shield kit (# 462) with the ZIF socket. I wanted to also use the same device for my ATtiny85 chips without the bootloader. So, I made a simple modification to the board as shown here:

Essentially the jumper pad switches digital I/O pin9 and pin10 to the ZIF socket pin #9 (this places RESET on the ATtiny pin1 as shown on the marked ZIF socket in the photo. There is one jumper wire to add GND to ZIF pin #12 so that the ATtiny pin#4 will be grounded during programming. I elected to use a jumper wire instead of a pin-jumper because I did not want to forget to disconnect the ground when using the 28 pin chips!

Be sure to use Ladyada’s code for AVRISP with this modification and you will need to review the instructions on for adding the “boards” to the Arduio 1.0 Tool/Boards options.

  • Ray