ATtiny13A and USBasp with arduino environment


As the title sais I would like to be able to program my ATtiny13A by using an USBasp programmer within the arduino IDE.

I used this article as a guide:

Most things work like they are supposed to do (the core files of the ATtiny are detected and all code can be compiled and sent to the AVR). However functions like 'delay' don't work! When uploading the blink program the led just burns... no blinking.

I did add the extra condition in the wiring.c file as instructed by the core files but no avail:

if defined(AVR_ATtiny24) || defined(..) ... [Add this] || defined(AVR_ATtiny13)

SIGNAL(TIM0_0VF_vect) ....

Did anyone else run into this problem of have a solution? Could it be caused by me using the USBasp instead of an arduino as ISP?

You may have better luck with this core..

Awesome! That one works! Thank you.