Attiny2313 and extra eeprom will solve my sound issue?

Hi everyone!

I am playing around with arduino and this tutorial and it works very well. A lot of fun playing around with buttons and a tiny sound sample is played. But I want to make a couple of sound samples and I want it portable.

So, I am sitting here with an ATtiny 2313-20PU and I just ordered Any suggestion on how I should continue my project?

I want a simple portable product that could play some very short and poor quality recordings when I press some buttons. Thanks and have a nice day :)

Alright I have done some more research.

I can forget about using the eeprom storage because it's not possible to communicate that fast for fetching the samples. And it will even be more impossible to communicate to my external eeprom memory. ATtiny > ext eeprom > back to ATtiny > music.

But that's okey, I could use my ext eeprom for other projects. I also ordered this a flash memory. Do you guys think It's possible to store some samples on that and then connect it to my attiny and let the attiny fetch the samples from that flash memory? It shouldn't be any different then fetching from an sd card (I think).