ATTiny2313 problem programming

Ok, so yes this is another post about getting the avrdude: Yikes! Invalid device signature. message when trying to program an ATTiny chip.

I have tried multiple versions of the Arduino IDE, several chips, and 2 different UNO R3 (programming with both Linux and Windows) and I can seem to get past this issue. I have a half dozen ATTINY2313-20PU chips and all give me the same result.

I have read many many many many many many many many posts on this issue, I have double checked all my wiring, and have tried just about anything short of tossing the lot in the trash and calling is a day.

Please help! I am very frustrated and have been chasing this issue for weeks. I just need to dump a simple program onto an ATTiny, which I know lots of people do so seriously, does the universe hate me this much?????

How did you disable auto-reset?

If the wiring is correct, it looks like the Arduino-IDE does not find the microcontroller it does expect ("Invalid device signature").

What core do you use?
I recommend this one (it also supports ATtiny2313): GitHub - SpenceKonde/ATTinyCore: Arduino core for ATtiny 1634, 828, x313, x4, x41, x5, x61, x7 and x8

Are you sure the chips are new? If they are from China they can have anything programmed and any combination of fuses written. You should check if the chip reacts to reset (all I/O pins should be tri-stated while in reset). Also it may expect external clock - connect a clock signal to CLKI pin (pin 5).
I have seen (and many others also) chips sold as new packaged as new but programmed with fuses other than then Datasheet states and with lock fuses programmed!

Thanks for your replies.... @Coding Badly: I am using an 10uF cap across the reset to ground on the UNO

@Smajdalf: Thanks, this is what I expect so I will check and see if that is the case, and in the mean time I will try the core suggested by uxomm.

One post I read suggested putting LEDs (with resistors) on each of the pins and I notice that MOSI does not flash when trying to program the chip. This is the same result from both UNOs.

I also have a couple of MEGAs that I have been using for other projects, I will try one of them if these suggestions don't resolve the issue.

Thanks for your assistance. I will post my results when I get back to this in a couple of days.

avrdude: Yikes! Invalid device signature.

Post the verbose output.

So I was able to get a proper response from the ATTINY by connecting the CKOUT to reset (as well as pin 10 from the Arduino) and it verifies that the code is successfully updated. This turns on the correct pin, however it doesn't flash (using the blink program).

I suspect this means the ATTINY is set to use an external clock? Can anyone verify this?

...connecting the CKOUT to reset... I suspect this means the ATTINY is set to use an external clock?

No. The clock signal is connected to XTAL1 on the target.

Because I hate when people solve the problem and never bother to post back...

After discovering the trick mentioned above, the blink program would only turn on the LED but not actually blink. I tried a bunch of tricks and finally decided to use the burn bootloader from the Arduino IDE. Sure enough, the bootloader was successfully written to the ATTINY and after reloading the blink program, everthing works as expected.

I suspect that Smajdalf was correct and these chips did have something else written to them causing this issue. I hope this helps anyone else who runs into this problem.

Thanks everyone for your help!

Thank you for the response!
Good to hear that you have solved your problem!