ATTINY2313 Serial to USB keyboard converter.

Hi i have been trying to downscale a project slightly by replacing an Arduino pro Micro with a ATTiny2313 ic.

currently the arduino gets a serial (RX, TX) string input then forwards it out the USB port as an emulated keyboard.

There are a few integrations i need to make with code (to account for return, ctrl atl shif and modifier keys) but the concept is exactly the same.

I have seen a few projects like this however im not too use to the format they are using and am getting a little confused.

The project i have been following is
which seems the be very close to what im looking for however i have had some compiling errors using the Arduino IDE

I did manage to get to the point where i could program the attiny using the arduino Uno as ISP however didnt manage to find a good way to flash using a usb- ftdi converter.

The ATtiny2313 does not have the same USB capability as the processor in the micro. This means it is not possible to use this hardware in the code, that is why you are getting compiler errors. I don't think this project is possible.

The project you pointed to is NOT an Arduino sketch. It is a AVR Studio project. You may be able to adapt it for compilation under Arduino but it won’t be trivial.