ATTiny24 files

Hello all, could someone please provide a link to all core files of ATTiny24...with all options like 1Mhz internal clock, 8Mhz internal clock and external clocks. I've spend last 1 hour searching for same but there's only 1 file but only with external clock option. Thanks

Supported clock speeds:
Supported clock speeds are shown in the menus in descending order of usefulness, ie, the popular clock speeds/sources are at the top, and the weird ones are at the bottom. See the notes for caveats specific to certain clock speeds.
8 MHz
1 MHz
16 MHz (PLL clock, x5, x61 only)
16 MHz ‡ (aggressively configured 441/841 only)
4 MHz*** (except on x313, starts up at 1MHz and immediately switches to 4MHz before setup() is run)
16.5MHz † ! (PLL clock, tweaked, x5, x61 Micronucleus only, for USB support)
12.8MHz † ‡ (Internal, tweaked hardcore, Micronucleus only, for USB support)
0.5 MHz** ‼ (x313 only)
512 kHz** ‼ (ULP - x41 only)
256 kHz** ‼ (ULP - x41 only)
128 kHz** ‼ (watchdog or ULP, all except 1643, 828)
64 kHz** ‼ (ULP - x41 only)
32 kHz** ‼ (ULP - 1634, 828, x41 only)

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