Attiny25V using arduino as ISP

I have to use an ATTiny25V for a project, and I'm wondering if I can use the arduino as ISP to flash it.
I found out this topic but it's a bit outdated. Also I'm well aware of the ATTiny library on github which does not seem to include the 25… Do you think that hardcoding the 25 (copying the 45 conf only reducing size and changing the mcu name) into the boards.txt will do the trick, or am I not getting something?


You can do it by changing the entry for the 45.

just make sure that build.mcu is tiny25, otherwise nothing will work, and the maximum flash (and optionally ram) are set correctly.

Note that the core in my github (sig link) has entries in place

You can use this attiny core, GitHub - Coding-Badly/TinyCore1: Tiny Core 1 for Arudino 1.6

This has support for the attiny25.

definitely working now, thanks