Attiny45 : manage DHT22 and OLED 128x32

Hy guys,happy to see you again.
New problem for me.
I have an Attiny45 (pwr supply 5v and 1MhZ) and I need to manage one/two DHT22 and an OLED 128x32 monochrome. I searched for a mimimal OLED library, i spent a lot of time but nothing. I tried with Tiny4KOLED but nothing, this is for Attiny 85 wich has 8kb flash memory.
Is there a specific "light" library for Attiny45?
I would like to understand more about libraries (language, structure etc...) Is there any book / article to recommend?
many thanks
I hope in your help

I suggest that you try
It is supported by the Library Manager.

A tiny45 has limited Flash and SRAM memory. The tiny85 only costs an extra few $0.01

Life is simpler with Uno and Nano. Reasonable resources. Can do most projects.


Hi David, very appreciate your fast feedback.I'll try in nxt days.
I had bought the tiny 45 long time ago when I didn't know about the memory difference (bought with inexperience ). Now I also have an Arduino UNO and Tiny 85 , but I try to use Tiny 45 too.

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