Attiny45 rf transmitter


Recently I bought 2 attiny45 to play around with. I have made myself a simple shield to program the tinys on my UNO and tested a few sketches.

Now. I have an rf 433 transmitter and reciever. The last couple of days i have veen searching for some sample codes explaining how to sent text through the transmitter.

The problem has been that they use some libraries that are too big (more than 4kb) or else i havent been able to make them work.

I have tried RCSwitch (old 4.8kb version), Manchester and Virtualwire..

I want 3 sensor valued transmitted to my arduino by my attiny.

What would be my next approach? Manchester and virtualwire kept giving me errors..

Please give link to the Tx and Rx.


weedpharma: Please give link to the Tx and Rx.


I bought it from a danish website, but here it is in english:

Have you tried using the example sketches in the link?


You can send text via RF with even the smallest ATtinys but if the libraries are too large for the one you want to use, you will need to pare the code down to the essence.

That will require understanding what the code does, but basically the transmitter sends a “training preamble” to set the receiver gain, a message start code, the message and an error check code. It is easy to do that in 100-200 bytes of code. The receiver reverses the process.

Alternatively, buy an ATtiny with more memory.