Attiny84 i2c oled screen

Hello i was wondering if attiny84 chip have I2c on them to put a oled screen? and if so what pins are being used and how can i hook up my oled to it?

Where have you searched for this information?, Joseph.. Perhaps the forum... maybe Google too?
Or were you hoping that someone would do your work for you?


no i never ask for someone to do work for me i was wondering what pins are for the i2c and if someone know;s how i can sketch it out i mean what in the sketch to define the pins or does the attiny84 know and yes i looked in google i searched and maybe didn't phrase it right who knows its what I'm trying to figure out.


attiny84 i2c

I got 12000+ results. Some on the first page mentioned the word "oled".

thank you nick what i was putting in was attiny84 oled i2c in google and coming up with a lot of stuff for attiny85 not attiny84 that is my problem there thank you.

How about this?

In particular this:


thank you nick so much for the help i came across some stuff the same about i2c by rephrasing what i was trying to search for and that help me thank you i got me oled to work on a attiny84 chip problem solved :slight_smile: