Attiny84 RF24 Communication

Does anyone have a working project using the attiny84 with a NRF24l01+ radio attached. I'm fighting like hell to get this chip to work. I've managed to get the attiny85 working with no problems at all. However, can't get the 84 to transmit. Before you start suggesting my pin selections according to the mappings, don't. Ive already confirmed with a meter as well as blinking LEDs as to where the correct pin definitions are. I'm using the 1.0.1 library manager install of the RF24 and RF24Network by David A. Mellis and my IDE version is 1.6.5. I've tried the rf24ping85.ino, as well as the hello_world_tx.ino on the tiny84 and have failed everytime. :confused:

Why not post your code and schematic of your wiring, so we can look it over and see if we see anything you missed?