Attiny84 SSD1306 OLED i2c

I’m trying to run a SSD1306 from a Attiny84 Controller.
The only libraries and solutions I found are for the Attiny85.

This one at least can be compiled for the AT84 but nothing happens on the screen
(GitHub - Defragster/ssd1306xled: SSD1306OLED port from AVR TinuSaur to Arduino tested on DigiSpark Pro)

Even changing the Pins for SDA/SCL from PB0 and PB2 to PA6 and PA4 from Attiny85 to 84 in the .h file does not help.

Can someone help me or guide me into the right directions with this?
Searching the forum just lead me to an old post without any code :confused:

Does it work on the 85? Does the screen work period? Get some platform to display something on the screen first.

Some of the small OLED displays making the rounds have the wiring on the board done wrong, and you have to bridge something to put it into I2C mode, even though vendor is selling as I2C with no docs.