Attiny85 20PU

Hello guys! I have a question about a topic that is driving me crazy. I have several Attiny85 20PU, and i am soldering a TACUINO board. The thing is only a few of them are working properly . The rest are acting strange or not working at All.
They are all the same but with different numbers on the back. The one that is working says 1441, and the rest are 1614 or 1717, So they have different pinouts? 1441 works fine, then with the other one is working only when is connected to the computer, so i guess the pin conecting to the Battery is not the same. Then the last one is not working at all with the TACUINO. Any help? :frowning:

The number on the back is probably just the manufacturing batch number. If they are all tiny85 they will all have the same pinout.

Do you have 0.1uF bypass caps attached to the power pins of each tiny? They will misbehave without their bypass caps. Also, what are you connecting their reset pins to? They need to be pulled high.

No idea what a Tacuino is, please post a link.

This is the Tacuino:

Yeah i also assumed it was the batch , cos they all have different numbers.But on the pin side they also have different Data, for example, the one that is working is:
4x1 314
B1 1P
1441 E3

And the one thats not working:
A94 Z4A
B 1P
1717 E3

In this tacuino i have a 8 pin socket , so im removing one chip and trying with the others, with this result, only one is working and the rest are not, but they are supposed to be the same, that is whats driving me crazy haha

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Are you sure your tiny 85 have the usb bootloader installed? There is a link on that Instructable that should explain how to install the bootloader. Unfortunately that link is broken.

The other codes on the chip are probably just more manufacturing batch codes and nothing to worry about. If it says atmel and ATtiny85, that's what it is. I'm not aware of any tiny85 fake/clones on the market, but it's not impossible. Where did you buy them?

I think thats the problem, i dont think they have any usb bootloader installed, ill check if i can do it somehow but i have no idea how! ill check, thanks for the reply

I think thats the problem, i dont think they have any usb bootloader installed

If that's the problem, how can this happen?

the other one is working only when is connected to the computer

I dont know. Maybe It has another one :confused: as i said it's driving me crazy haha

Maybe they all have different fuses set.