ATTiny85@8Mhz on arduino 1.6.2 VirtualWire.h library cant receive data via RF433

Hi everyone,

does any one of you have an idea why am I not able to receive data on arduino ATTiny85 running on 8Mhz (internal)... I am using arduino 1.6.2 and library VirtualWire.h and RF433Mhz modules.

I am able to send data using ATTiny85 and receive it using using Duemilanove 328... So basicly the only problem is receiving data with another ATTiny 85...

I have read a lot of topics related to this and could not make it working... I have tried using almost all Arduino versions from 022 to 1.6.2 I have tried using different cores for attiny (since it can send data programing it is not the problem) I tried using all pins on ATTiny85 as receive pins... I have tried different baud rates for sending and receiving(sending always works... and i can receive it with Duemilanove)..