ATTiny85 and I2C

Hi Everyone,

I have asked the question differently and got no interesting answers....Therefore, I'm asking a different (still similar) question:

Could someone provide me a sketch, that would involve an ATTiny85 that would do the following:

Every 5 seconds, send the following number: 123456 over I2C to address 0x04. (I will figure out the rest of the code !)

I have looked at many threads, I could not come up with a solution. I know I'm downloading to my ATTiny85, because I can make an LED flash, but looking at the SCL & SDA on a scope, nothing is happening....

I have tried a couple of libraries, modified a few sketches (most of those sketches were behaving as a slave) simply does not work....frustration level is getting pretty high !!!

I was able to do it with a Nano, but sizewise (and costwise) I need an ATTiny85

Can anyone help me ?