Attiny85 and Pololu USB programmer (solved)


I have had a good time experimenting with the Attiny 85, using Arduino as ISP. I'am impressed what you an do with such a small device.

Now I would like to use a programmer, so I bought a pololu USB AVR Programmer, and then my trouble began.

Im using Coing Badly's core:

I ammended this to programmers.txt : USB AVR Programmer pololu.communication=serial Pololu.protocol=avrispv2


and the bords.txt:

The following DO work (pick one)...




And then what I think is the prolem, in avrdude.conf I made this entry:

programmer id = "Pololu"; desc = "pololu USB AVR Programmer"; type = avrispv2;

When uploading the blink sketch I get this message from the Arduiono IDE

Binary sketch size: 748 bytes (of a 8192 byte maximum) error at D:\Ernst\arduino\arduino-0021\hardware/tools/avr/etc/avrdude.conf:387 unrecognized character: "a"

line 387 is: type = avrispv2;

I have tried other names f.:ex: Pololu but no luck So obviosly I can't just make a new type, so what to do

Any Ideas??

i think you should respect lowercase/uppercase i see on the first 2 lines pololu written with lowercase p , but the last line is written with uppercase p not sure if will work but you can try :D

Thakyou for your answer putyn, I have tried making all pololu names lower case, but no luck

I ammended this to programmers.txt :

Which one? The one in the Arduino directory or the one in the Tiny Core directory?

I apreciate your help

I only have programmers.txt in the Arduino directory.

I have a boards.txt in both Arduino and Tiny directory

Now I have tried to copy the programmers.txt to the Tiny directory, but it dos not make any difference.

What makes me suspicious about the avrdude.conf is that if I change the type to one of the predetermined type (by this i mean one of the types mentioned in the top of avrdude.conf ) fex. stk500v2 then i get another message

avrdude: stk500v2_command(): command failed avrdude: initialization failed, rc=-1 Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override this check.

Now I have tried to copy the programmers.txt to the Tiny directory, but it dos not make any difference.

Please remove programmers.txt from the Tiny directory.

What makes me suspicious about the avrdude.conf

It is not necessary to modify the avrdude.conf file. I suggest restoring the original. Once you are able to program the target processor then try modifying the avrdude.conf file to include a pololu option.

I finally solved the problem, so now i'm a happy man ,but on the other hand i feel stupid for wasting your time, but i think i would share my experience:

What i did was quit simple:

I deleted all the programmers.txt and boards.txt files, made a new installation of arduino-022 and copyed the files (boards snd programmers) where they belong, and then made the nessesary changes.

So the problem was that i had mixed the files up :blush:

Now i have a fading RGB Led and a 3-wire LCD working on the attiny85. My next project will be a 2-wire LCD with capacity measurement.

Thanks for the help

Excellent. I'm glad you have it working.