ATTINY85 and PWM for Timer 0

I’m trying to set PWM on Timer0 A (pin 5) of attiny85 working at 8MHz with internal clock.
I need to set 700Hz or close to this number.
Can you please help regarding this command set

The following is fast pwm on pin 5 which is probably wrong. What i miss?

TCCR0A = 0x82;
TCCR0A |= (1 << WGM01) | (1 << WGM00);
OCR0A = 179;


You realize that doing that with timer0 will break millis() and delay() right?
With my core (and most others - though a few use timer1 for millis; I don't like this because timer1 is the jewlery of the tiny85, so to speak - the fancy peripheral that does stuff almost nothing else in the AVR product line can), timer0 is used for millis(), and timer1 is the one you can play with freely without breaking stuff.

That said -
On Timer0, if you want to set TOP to adjust the frequency, you need WGM 7 (WGM00, 01, and 02 all 1). WGM02 is in TCCR0B, which you aren't configuring; this is probably why it's not doing what you want (though you haven't described the behavior you're observing)

A TOP of 179 and prescaler of 64 (CS=011) should get you ~700 hz from an 8MHz system clock.

Thanks, Yes I know it will break the milis(s). For the project i do I don't mind.
Can you please give an example with the command set for the timer0. I'm a little bit confused of these registers.

I don't get a PWM (whatever duty cycle I provide) using the command set on the first post.