ATTINY85 and sparkfun PGM-11801 programmer

Hi guys,

I'm running linux and Arduino 1.6.7, trying to upload to an ATTINY85 with the Sparkfun PGM-11801 programmer. I can see "Multiple vendors USBtiny" listed under lsusb so I know at least my computer can see the board. I've installed support for ATTINY microcontrollers, and I can select the board.

However, I cannot see anything listed in the port (it's greyed out), I read somewhere that selecting a port is not necessary for ATTINY, is it normal for the port to be grey?

I've only been "successful" in uploading code to the ATTINY85 it with the USBasb programmer option selected, however it doesn't seem to be working since I can't even get Blink to work.

Is there anything I may be missing? Anything I should know? Thanks!


I would, but it seems that I can't do anything in the first place since I don't have option to select a serial port :(

According to Sparkfun you don't have to select a serial port:

Unlike other Arduino boards, you don’t have to select a Serial Port when using the Tiny AVR Programmer. But you do need to select a Programmer. Under the Tools > Programmer menu, select USBtinyISP.

I program those with a Uno, I load the ArduinoISP example, then put a capacitor on the reset pin, and wire the AtTiny85 on the arduino. Then I change the ISP to Arduino as ISP, and the Uno programs the AtTiny85 chip.