ATTINY85 and voltage regulator

I need to make a few relays with timers. it seems the ATTINY85 will fit the bill nicely.

on the devices I have looked at digispark, Chachka/Trinket, and such, they have on-board voltage regulators.

since I use a regulated power supply for most of the stuff I do, it seems to be redundant.

also it appears the USB for programming is super simple. resistors and schottky's , no secondary FTDI chip.....

all I am doing is using the '85, an opto for the input and then a FET for the relay activation.

is there a reason for the board mounted voltage regulator that I am missing ?

Well the attiny85 doesn't have one.

Board mounted regulators allow for a more diverse range of power solutions and help protect if there is a spike in voltage.

thanks. that is what I thought. solar/battery/ etc to get a constant voltage
or control of Volta when the source is less than ideal.