ATTiny85 breakout board to run on 3.7v Li ion?

Hi guys,

My first post so please be gentle…

I have been working on the Adafruit trinket to get a few inputs and outputs working, and that seems fine, but now am trying to do the same stuff on the ATTiny85 breakout boards, with a fiddle in programming the chips and moving the info between the platforms, if that is the correct term.

I have ordered a few types to test, like Blackbox and Digispark brands, and while shopping for these, I saw a supplier had a mod to convert these units to 3v, by changing out, or removing a smd resistor, but have spent hours backtracking, and cant find it again…?

I believe there is a 5v regulator on the digispark unit, and will give it a try to remove this and supply with 3 v…

i want my project portable, so will use 3,7v li ion batteries for the project.

Anyone know this mod, or come across a cheaper AT85 board that runs on 3v?

Are there any AT Specialists out there?


I have no idea about "attiny boards" but I know that the ATTiny series works fine within the 3.5-4.2V range
of a LI based battery.