Attiny85 controlling 5V digital RGB LED strip - Voltage reg. is getting hot!

I'm trying to use a 12v plug to drive my ATtiny circuit. I have a voltage regulator and 2x 10uf capacitors supplying 5V to the LED strip and the Attiny. on pin 4 i have a 100 ohm resistor which controls the Din of the strip. I'm using the NEopixel Lib.

Everything is working fine, but the VR is getting untouchably hot. The RGB strip is 1M with 60 LEDs. it has a 3 pin "connector" for 5v gnu and Din AND an additional 5V GND wire. I have both 5V and GND wires on the 5V rail.

The project is a lamp. I'm going to 3d print a case and house the electronics inside.

Any suggestions on how to reduce the heat produced by the VR. I'm scared to enclose it.

Thanks. Keith

Hi Keith,

You have missed out some important facts: What is the current rating of your power supply? Is it regulated? What voltage regulator are you using?

Those 60 rgb leds could be drawing as much as 3.6A. Because of the way voltage regulators work, it could have to dissipate 12V - 5V = 7V at 3.6A which is over 25W. Yikes! Even if you are not programming all 60 x 3 leds to be full on, the regulator is getting overloaded.

I recommend either: 1. change power supply to a 5V 4A regulated supply like this, or 2. use a DC-DC convertor, rated at least 4A, instead of the regulator, like this.