Attiny85 digital outputs

Hi there !

While I am using the program in Arduino by using Analog pins A1,A2 for Sensors and for charlieplex 6 leds digital pins 8,9,10, it is working OK

after uploading the same program to Attiny85 by using analog sensors A2,A3 and for charlieplex 6 leds pins 0,1,2, the leds are flickering.

Can any one help me to resolve this problem ?



please place the sketch here.

The image shows the connections of the leds for arduino board. But in Attiny85
I am using Attiny85 pins 0,1,2 instead of 8,9,10 of arduino

Please post the code.

Also, have you set the fuses correctly on the '85? If you haven't done 'burn bootloader' yet (or used another programming method to set the fuses), the chip is running at 1mhz, yet you're probably compiling for 8 or 16 (the '85 being one of the few AVRs that can run at 16 without an external crystal). This would make everything much slower than it's supposed to be, which might result in flickering.