attiny85 for smaller arduino!!

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
i am trying to make a very small arduino basid on attiny85 ship, to make very simple arduino, anyway
attiny85 have 8 legs, VCC, GND, reset, and 5 legs for analog input,
anyway look at the pic below

my project need LCD display and everybody knows that the LCD 16*2 take 6 pins, and with a shifter only 3 legs, but i don’t want use a shifter i want it more simple, anyway if i use a shifter 3 legs will be for LCD and 2 for ultrasonic,
any idea to make it without a shifter !! or using other type of lcd to make it!!
or other ship between attiny85 and smaller than ATMEL in the arduino uno !!

I think that you can use Soft I2C with the Tiny 85. There are lots of different LCD displays controlled by I2C. They would require only 2 pins (plus Vcc and Gnd).

This discussion may help Tiny 85 I2C

thanks alooooot :smiley: first time know about I2C you solve 2 problems :fearful: