ATtiny85 Infrared Remote Library?

Just wondering if anyone ported the following library to the ATtiny85 chip? Just trying to avoid re-inventing the wheel. ;-) :blush:

Thanks, Wk

Probably not. I've only taken a cursory glance but it appears to use timer 1. The '85 timer 1 is quite a bit different than the ATmega timer 1. If you decide to port it, I suggest trying to use timer 0. By default, for the '85 family, the Tiny Core uses timer 1 for millis / micros leaving the much more familiar timer 0 for the user.

If you do port it and don't mind, please let me know so I can add a link to it from the Tiny Core site.

Sure thing, thanks for the tip. 8)


Actually, I just realized that I only need OUTPUT, no INPUT. Would that make things easier?


Easier? To use timer 1 for the Remote Library on the '85 processor?