ATtiny85 micro controller help

Thank you so much. I just know so little about digital buttons. I could probably look up how they work but I just looked at an example and hooked it up wrong.

Yes buttons have a habit of bouncing. Just like if you drop a ball it bounces back a couple of times. That is the same with buttons and swiches. So you add a capacitor that delays the voltage from changing a few microseconds :) if you have any questions that i can answer just ask :) but i don't think i can help you with portin the code to the tiny85. I never programmed one. You will have to find out how the pins are labeled for the tiny. And you can use the analog input as digital. i think you can use a simple DigitalRead function on a analog input. In your case digitalRead(A2) for pin 3 and digitalRead(A3) for pin 2. Hope i helped :)