ATTINY85 Not Recognized


I've been using ATTINY85 From About 6 Months And I'm a Beginner.
Today I Was Programming My ATTINY85 And I Uploaded A Code Using DigiKeyboard.h Library. The Used 78% Of ATTINY85 And The Stopped Working As A Keyboard After Than And When I Deleted Some Part Of Code, The Space It Took Was 72%.

I Read On The Internet That If I Programme It With Arduino as ISP Then It Will Offer More Space So I Thought That I Should Use Programmer.

After Programming Through Arduino UNO,The Computer Stopped Recognising The ATTINY85. I Can Upload Codes Using Programmer But Can't Do That Directly(I've Tested Start Or Blink Code On ATTINY85And It Is Working Correctly).

My Schematics Are:
Arduino 5V connects to ATTiny85 Pin 8 (Vin)
Arduino GND connects to ATTiny85 Pin 4 (GND)
Arduino Pin 13 connects to ATTiny85 Pin 8 (SCK)(P2)
Arduino Pin 12 connects to ATTiny85 Pin 7 (MISO)(P1)
Arduino Pin 11 connects to ATTiny85 Pin 6 (MOSI)(P0)
Arduino Pin 10 connects to ATTiny85 Pin 1 (Slave Reset)(P5)

Note: I'm Using ATTINY85 Module(With Micro USB Port For Uploading Code) Not Chip Only

Once you upload program directly, the bootloader which enables you to upload sketches via USB directly is deleted.

You need to "burn bootloader" with your ISP programmer connected if you want that back.

Is this a version of keyboard.h that comes with the digispark core and supports the tiny85? (ie, did it used to be able to work as a keyboard?) The normal version of keyboard.h only works on parts with real native USB (which the tiny85 does not have - only micro/leo and some of the ARM boards have that).

Are you sure that the problem isn't with your sketch? With a USB part (either via native USB, or VUSB on something like a tiny85), if your sketch has a bug that hoses the state of the processor severely enough that it can't service USB requests, the device won't show up as a USB device. Go back to basics and use a version of the sketch that you know worked and used keyboard.h

First, I'm Using The DigiKeyboard.h Library Which Comes With DigiStump Package And The Code Is Working Properly If Its Size Is Below 72%(As I Noticed).

When I Pressed Burn Bootloader And It Said 'Error while burning bootloader: missing 'bootloader.tool' configuration parameter'(When I Selected The Board As Digispark(Default-16.5MHz).

I Searched The Internet And Got To Know That To Burn Bootloader, I Need To Install The 'attiny library by David A. Mellis'.

I Added ' manager/package_damellis_attiny_index.json' To Preferences And Downloaded The 'attiny library by David A. Mellis'.

I Uploaded The Bootloader With Following Settings In Tools Tab:

Board: "ATtiny 25/45/85"
Processor: "ATtiny85"
Clock: "Internal 8 MHz"

And Now The Problem Is Still The Same, The Computer Still Doesn't Recognize The Board And But I'm Able To Upload Codes Through Programmer.

I'm Uploading Code With Digispark(Default-16.5MHz) As Board And Uploading Bootloader With ATtiny 25/45/85 (ATtiny85 As Processor) As Board.

Thanks For Early Reply And Hope You Will Help Me Solve My Problem.